Caselets, or short cases, are increasingly used as teaching aids, both in B-Schools and in executive education programs. Being brief and focused on a specific topic, a caselet is a useful supplement to a lecture. The session plan for a B-School course is likely to be more effective when there is a balanced mix of cases and caselets, along with other pedagogical tools.

A caselet is a shorter version of a case study, generally two to three pages in length. Caselets are similar to case studies in that they may either describe a sequence of events or put forth an issue or problem that requires decision making. The use of caselets is gaining popularity as a pedagogical tool in management teaching and executive education.

The basic objective of a caselet is to allow the learner to apply ideas and insights from theory to the real-life issues and problems contained in the caselet. This helps the learner obtain a deeper understanding of all the relevant factors in a particular problem situation as well as gain insights into the finer nuances of a topic in a particular field of management. The different ways in which caselets aid the learning process are described below.

Teaching Approach

Caselets are an important teaching aid for the faculty to adapt the teaching style to the needs of the situation. While discussing the topic of management teaching and learning, experts distinguish between the ‘Sage on the Stage’ approach and the ‘Guide on the Side’ approach. Comprehensive cases are quite useful while following the ‘Guide on the Side’ approach of facilitating a collective learning experience. However, a faculty member may choose the ‘Sage on the Stage’ approach due to topic-specific, class-specific, or faculty-specific factors. In such situations, comprehensive cases can be replaced with caselets to help the learner in applying the concepts gathered from the lectures. In short, while cases may be used as a substitute for lectures, caselets may be used as a supplement to lectures.

  1. Faculty name: Shraddha Mishra and Dr. Rachna Madaan
    Area: Economics and Finance
    Topic: Foreign Banks in India: Barclays Expansion Project
    Brief about the Topic: The topic has covered the merits and demerits of the ATM Projects for increasing its consumer base and visibility primarily in rural and semi-urban areas by one of the UK’s leading banks which is the Barclays.
  2. Faculty name: Rituparna Vats
    Area: General management
    Topic: Design an Intervention to Solve a Managerial Problem
    Brief about the Topic: The article has identified the problems faced by Sunrise Energy Limited and has a conclusive summary of the problematic areas in the company and its identification by a team set up by the MD of the company.
  3. Faculty name: Farida Rasiwala
    Area: Finance
    Topic: Time vlue of Money: SMC Advisors
    Brief about the Topic: Various investment options by one of the employee of the company has been highlighted and an executive summary of the case and the company’s client portfolio has been deliberated upon.
  4. Faculty name: Bindu Agrawal
    Area: Entrepreneurship
    Topic: A case of Opportunity Evaluation for an Entrepreneur
    Brief about the Topic: The case is about Harindra Auto and how an opportunity can be seized and evaluated from the view point of the entrepreneur.
  5. Faculty name: Amarjeet Kaur Malhotra
    Area: Finance and Economics
    Topic: Application of Sustainable Growth Model: A Case Study on Tata Consultancy Services
    Brief about the Topic: Vaious variables and their impace on the sustainable growth rate of the company have been discussed making the article a good read to evaluate the rate at which the company can grows leveraging its debt and equity.
  6. Faculty name: Radhika Madan
    Area: Entrepreneurship
    Topic: Germination of an Idea into a Reality….. An Entrepreneurial Journey!
    Brief about the Topic: A concise summary about a successful start-up idea of a student from Jabalpur.
  7. Faculty name: Ruchi Shah
    Area: Strategic Marketing and Business Marketing
    Topic: Cumberland Metal Industries
    Brief about the Topic: This case study discusses in detail about the company called Cumberland Metal Industries. A company which holds a special place in manufacturing of curled metal products. This case gives abrief outline about the new product that is manufactured by them.
  8. Faculty name: Priyanka Anand
    Area: General Management
    Topic: Cultural Orientation and challenges faced by global teams- IKEA in China
    Brief about the topic: How IKEA a Swedish Giant, had to face the doldrums in its globel operations due to linguistic and other cultural barriers and employee work culture in China.
  9. Faculty name: Namita Mendiratta
    Area: Strategic Management
    Topic: Taking on global consulting and infrastructure projects’ implementation goliaths
    Brief about the topic: A take on a real time challenge faced by the organization in her corporate career and the solutions.
  10. Faculty name: Shahana Qutub
    Area: Marketing(Digital Marketing)
    Topic: Mastodon- the Next big thing or the next big bubble.
    Brief about the topic: A case on the overall challenges faced by Mastodon in online social networking space.
  11. Faculty name: Kirti Raj
    Area: Marketing strategy
    Topic: Patanjali
    Brief about the topic: The study of patanjali’s business strategies and how it is an exemplary example for studying the brand.
  12. Faculty name: Dr, Sujata Shahi
    Area: OB
    Topic: Ratan Tata- An Indian Icon
    Brief about the topic: The extraordinary life lead by the man himself an how he is the influencer for the budding Indians. The case summarises the life of Ratan Tataji and his mantra of success.
  13. Faculty name: Aayushmaan Gupta
    Area: Law, Finance and Ethics
    Topic: The Dilemma of Chanda Kochhar – Resignation or Termination
    Brief about the topic: The ethical dilemma of one of the powerful women in the Banking Industry formerly the CEO of the biggest private corporate lender  ICICI Bank.
  14. Faculty name: Amit Asthana
    Area: Technology, Digital Marketing, Banking
    Topic: How technology will break down the chain of social encroachment and banking sectors
    Brief about the topic: The article talks about the repercussions of using social media technology and how to cope up with them.
  1. Faculty name: Megha Pushkarna
    Area: Psychology
    Topic: Case study on grief, brievment and coping skills
    Brief about the topic: The case has an incident where a couple lose their child due to leukemia and the mother’s intense grief and how she seeks a counsellor because she doesn’t seem to be able to cope with everyday living.
  1. Faculty name: Kanika Gupta & Dr. Shruti Sharma
    Area: OB
    Topic: Professional Ethics
    Brief about the topic: An article summarizing what professional ethics is in the field of organisational behavior and its inevitability to run an organization effectively.